Sunday, October 13, 2013

10 reasons why I love Business School - by Vishal Srivastav, 2nd year student at Ross School of Business, UMich

Team getyourMBA spoke with Vishal Srivastav, second year student at Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, to find out why he's loving his time at Business School -
In Vishal's words - 10 reasons why I'm loving my time here:

1.  Connections – Business school creates perfect conditions to build lasting connections with smart, qualified and talented people. These are the people you would rely on, professionally and personally, in your post MBA life. You go through a concentrated experience together and that helps forge strong connections.
2.  Alumni network – Your class mates are only the tip of iceberg. The real power of B school network lies in its alumni base. Your alumni often serve as your recruiters and internal advocates for you to get your dream job.
3.  Fun – This is an important element of life at B school. Fun complements the craziness of B school.
4.  Academics – Class contributions of your friends from different backgrounds and industries will help you develop a holistic way of solving problems. Focus on learning, assimilating different points of view and developing a structured thought process, not grades.
5.  Diversity – Business school is training ground for working in teams with people from different backgrounds and culture.
6.  Efficiency – In an effort to juggle many things at once, you learn how to prioritize and become more efficient. It helps not only in school but in your life outside of work as well. You eventually conquer FOMO and become adept at deciding between competing priorities.
7.  Leadership – Barring class lectures, everything else in schools are completely student run. There is more than ample opportunity for every student to gain leadership experience and create an impact on the student community and the school at large.
8.  Collaboration – If you feel that your previous job didn’t allow you to collaborate enough, business school would come as a pleasant surprise. You spend a significant time with your study group, project teams et al and develop team and collaboration skills as a result.
9.  Entrepreneurship – It is one of the least marketed features of business school. Business schools offer a lot of opportunity and resources (monetary, academic, research, VC/PE network) for entrepreneurs.
10. Discomfort zone – B school constantly pushes you out of your comfort zone, which in my opinion leads to real learning. If learning is a motivator for you, B school will help you push yourself in a safe environment.



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