Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Components of your application - I

We would like to take up different parts of your MBA application, in a series of posts on this page, with some suggestions on how one can handle them to their advantage.
Let's start today with the Extra Curriculars Activities section.
This is one of the most neglected sections of many a resume and MBA applications, whereas it has the potential to become amongst the most important ones. Typically students populate this section with one liners like "Member - school football team", or "Helped organize the college tech fest XYZ", or "Interested in reading Science Fiction" or "Learning to play the violin for the last 4 years", etc. None of these is a bad entry in the sense that it adds some diversity to your profile, something most AdComms would like. And if you have multiple such entries in the extra-curriculars activities section of your resume, it might even be considered good as it gives you a multi-faceted, well rounded personality.
But what about "Is it good enough?" Or even, "Could it be better?" Or "Could it actually be good enough to make up for a weakness in some other part of my resume?" The answer to the latter 2 questions - a resounding "YES, it can".
To be continued...

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